Charlie Lee

The founder and public face of Litecoin

Charlie Lee created LTC in 2011 as not a competitor to Bitcoin, but meant Litecoin to be used for smaller transactions. Famously selling all of his tokens, due to a perceived conflict of interest, Lee continues to work with theLitecoin Foundation on Litecoin adoption.


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Edition POP NFT

‘Hardfork’ of Warhol’s Mao

Warhol created 199 silkscreen paintings of Mao. An extension of his fascination with celebrity, the Mao paintings utilize Warhol’s characteristic silkscreen process to transfer to canvas one of the most recognized portraits in the world.

‘Screening’ New NFTs

In the spirit of Warhol, and in light of the capabilities of NFTs, collectors have the ability to ‘screen’ new NFTs by owning two or more Charlie Lee prints.


Every print of LEE comes with 4 Frames to fit your standard 16:9 TV or computer monitor. Features with both ‘Light’ and ‘Dark’ modes.

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