The POP NFTs collection started with a question… 

How would Andy Warhol go about making NFT Art? 

What about his process, his style, and prolific following would translate into what he would create on the blockchain? 

And so, this is where the project begins…

“Andy Warhol arrived at the silkscreen technique, a method that completely removes his own hand from the paintings, only the choice of color remains…”

The first subject is a pioneer of crypto, Charlie Lee.

Charlie was the chairman, the founder, and creator of silver to bitcoin’s gold.

He brought his creation from separated interests, into a united front between traders, developers, and miners. 

His vision, strategy, and perseverance has earned the genesis of the POP NFTs collection.

A hardfork of Warhol’s MAO series…

What does a hardfork of an artwork mean?

It means that an artist takes characteristics of the artwork, and changes some aspects of its process or style,  to create something new from the spirit of the original. 

Warhol created 10 paintings of Mao. An extension of his fascination with celebrity, the Mao paintings utilize Warhol’s characteristic silkscreen process to transfer to canvas one of the most recognized portraits in the world.

The Charlie Lee prints are a Hardfork of Andy Warhol’s Mao portraits. 

Screening New NFTs

In the spirit of Warhol, and in light of the capabilities of NFTs, collectors have the ability to ‘screen’ new NFTs by owning two or more Charlie Lee prints.

We take the characteristics of two or more portraits, and combine them into one. 

In order to create a new NFT in the Lee series, a collector must have two or more Lee prints in their wallet, we then combine the price of the latest sale price of the particular prints, and offer the new NFT at that price to the owner in a private sale.

The Collection & Collectors

Pink LEE, 1/1, 0.05 ETH, Owner: @fryan
Salmon LEE, 1/1, 0.05 ETH, Owner: @NFTsarts
Red LEE, 1/1, 0.05 ETH, Owner: @Montbland
Brown LEE, 1/1, 0.05 ETH, Owner: @jthro
Mint LEE, 1/1, 0.05 ETH, Owner: @erikmherter
Orange LEE, 1/1, 0.05 ETH, Owner: @Pandacryptobear
Green LEE, 1/1, 0.05 ETH, Owner: @Montbland
Yellow LEE, 1/1, 0.05 ETH, Owner: @VibesNon
Cyan LEE, 1/1, 0.05 ETH, Owner: @nft_papi

Now the fun begins…

With all of the LEE portraits in circulation between the 9 collectors, you now have the opportunity to ‘screen’ the Rare LEEs, by owning two or more portraits…

At the current time of this article, Montbland owns the Red LEE and the Green LEE…

And he will be offered the first Rare LEE in a private sale for 0.1 ETH…

More coming soon …

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