Ethereum Classic Labs

While attending the Ethereum Classic Labs incubator I had the opportunity to create websites, brand assets, wallet UI, and marketing material for the SF based incubator. 
Web design
UI Design
Created a branding identity for ETC Core, which is ETC Labs in-house development team which included their own website. Then I was commissioned to create an Infographic describing the origins of ethereum classic along with another web design for ETC Labs

Create a brand identity that fits
with what has already been established 

Having been accepted into the Ethereum Classic Labs incubator, I wanted to show our appreciation for having been selected by creating a brand identity for the newly formed in-house dev team at Ethereum Classic Labs. Taking the branding the was already established, I broke down their triangular logo and reformed the mark  to fit directly inside of ETC Labs established logo. 


Website for ETC Core

I also felt the ETC Core team would like their own website to recruit and inform devs in the Ethereum Classic ecosystem of their work and updates. Continuing the ‘yin/yang’ theme from the branding, ETC Core took the darker theme for their website.


ETC Wallet

As the the Ethereum Classic blockchain grows, I felt it would make sense to have a wallet dedicated for the Dapps developed on ETC. The idea is that you can browse ETC Dapps on your mobile device and monitor your transactions across the wide number of platforms using ETC blockchain.


Website for ETC Labs

The goal of this website is to inform potential projects and investors of Ethereum Classic Labs and to detail what services they offer. Continuing with the ‘yin/yang’ theme of ETC Core, ETC Labs would take the lighter theme for their own web presence. 


A lot of people are not informed of the history of Ethereum Classic, hence the need for an infographic. The main objectives of the infographic are to inform the history, philosophy, and metrics related to the Ethereum Classic blockchain.