From cows to bulls

Andy Warhol was renowned for his portraits of celebrities and representation of American consumerism in popular culture. The subject of a cow therefore seems surprising for an artist with such a reputation, however Warhol’s Cow series comprises some of the most recognisable prints in the artist’s oeuvre..

Hardforking Warhol’s Cows for Bulls

Printed in four vibrant neon color combinations on wallpaper, a single room was covered from floor to ceiling with Warhol’s bright pink and yellow Cow.

Warhol created 150 prints of cow, the images were originally intended to cover the walls of Andy Warhol’s exhibition. They were then sold as prints. The four prints from Andy Warhol’s series of Cow wallpaper were created between 1966 to 1976.

A bull run is a magical phase of economic markets, the living embodiment of rising prices and optimism that pushes assets to new all time highs and beyond. Bulls signifies these sometimes short lived runs of complete positivity, where the believers are rewarded, and the doubters are sent back to their caves.

NFTs as wallpaper

The bulls are intended to line the walls as wallpaper in VR/AR.

Warhol used the cows as wallpaper many of his exhibitions, adding extra flair to transform gallery spaces into PopArt. So the Bull series will carry the same premise. 

Collectors will have the right to line their galleries with the Bull wallpaper in AR/VR spaces, and for collectors with multiple Bulls, they will have the ability to have ‘Rare Bull’ wallpaper, and combine the Bulls with pioneers within the PopNFTs series.

Screening new NFTs

The Orange LEE screened with a Purple Bull. Which creates a Rare LEE Bull.

As Warhol first intended the Cows to be used as an educational experience to showcase the possibilities of the silkscreen techniques.. The Bulls carry the same intention with NFTs.

Owners of PopNFTs will have the ability to ‘screen’ Pioneers with the Bull NFTs to create ‘Rare PopNFTs’. 

The Patrons of the Bull Series 

The four 1/1 prints that will be owned by Nanimalismo, Montbland, and kokoko.

It’s safe to assume that if you own more than one of any of the PopNFTs series there is something extra, and for the Bull series it’s no exception. Nanimalisimo and Montbland took the opportunity to purchase multiples of the Bull series…

Montbland – Brown Bull and Purple Bull

Nanimalisimo – Brown Bull, Yellow Bull, Purple Bull and Pink Bull

These collectors will own the physical prints of the Bull series

AR Layers

Scanning the bull prints results in the entire wall becoming covered as bull wallpaper.

As Warhol used his cows to line the galleries of his shows, we wanted to carry the same capability with the bull prints. If you scan the bull print, the entire wall would be covered in the bull print.